Hours of Operation:

Monday - Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Our Rates

Flat Rate All Bookkeeping Services, $300/Mo.

Bookkeeping Services

QuickBooks Online Subscription


Copy your bookkeeping system to QuickBooks Online (doesn't interfere with using your current system.)


Initial Consultation


Set up Chart of Accounts for new business and tailor them to your business  (up to 50 accounts.)


Send invoices to customers, track invoice status, send payment reminders, match customer payments with invoices (up to 30 customers, and 50 invoices per month.)


Enter bills from vendors/creditors for expenses and purchases, pay bills to take advantage of early payment discounts (up to 30 vendors, and 50 bills per month.)


Record business expenses and asset purchases for credit card accounts (up to 50 charges.)


Reconcile bank account(s) monthly.

$75/mo per


Prepare Financial Statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement/Profit & Loss, Statement of Cash Flows, Aging reports for Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable.



Mortgage, auto, equipment payments: Calculate and record Interest, and principal monthly.




Process and record payroll (up to 5 employees.)


Appointments 30 minutes


On-your-site appointments for 30 minutes.


Phone support for clients doing their own bookkeeping.with QuickBooks Online (up to 10 calls/mo.)


Set up inventory in QuickBooks Online for new business (up to 50 items.)


Record inventory sales and cost of inventory sold expense using a specified inventory method (FIFO, Avg Cost, LIFO)  (25 transactions per month.)


Unlimited Email Support


Accounting Services

End of period (month or year) accounting adjustments (10 adjustments.)


Financial Statement Analysis (30-minute session), which includes relevant reports.


Calculate mortgage or note payments for the purchase of a house, auto, or other assets.


Calculate future value of retirement savings (up to 5 alternatives.)


Calculate depreciation on fixed assets.


Calculate retirement savings needed at various ages (5 alternatives.)


Loan reference letters.



QuickBooks Online Training (5 hours specifically for your company.)


Cleanup your books (re-categorize to correct accounts, eliminate duplications, fix errors.)


Compare cash flow projections for alternative businesses or investments (3 alternatives.)


Other Services

IT Consulting (computer hardware and software issues.)


Word or Excel help (1/2 hr minimum, no charge if we can't solve the problem.)