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Lighthouse Bookkeeping Services LLC

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We help our clients grow and scale their businesses without having to lift a finger. Free up your time and have confidence in your business financials! Our team of experts is here to support you while you save time and money and increase your profit margin.

Who We Are

Lighthouse Bookkeeping Services LLC is based in Los Angeles and provides top-notch services to businesses of all types and sizes across the Country. Our expert team members work together to give you the best experience and result possible.

Our Services

Data on a Touch Pad


If your books are not up to date, we will clean them up as quickly as you need. We can add on a deep financial dive/strategy session if desired or needed.


We offer ongoing monthly bookkeeping reports so that you can stay organized and make the most informed and profitable decisions for your business without lifting a finger. We offer bi-weekly bookkeeping when needed.

Office Desk

Payroll Setup and/or Support

If you have employees that need to be paid regularly, and/or you struggle with understanding the tax filings that are required for each, or maybe you just don't have the time to do it yourself... then we'll manage your payroll and payroll taxes for you. 

Class Tracking or Project Tracking

If you're curious about how profitable your various jobs are and/or you're not sure if you've made money on Job 1 vs Job 2... ask about this service to get additional reports each week or month showing the full detail of income and expenses displayed by jobs so you can make decisions on how to quote future jobs or reward your staff for meeting goals!

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Accounts Receivable/Payable

If you struggle with getting your client invoices out timely or recording your customer payments so you have accurate customer balances or you find it difficult to keep up on bill payments and often wonder how much you owe to the vendors you do business with... we can help with both or either of these daunting tasks.

Bill Pay

We can help you alleviate the annoying and tedious burden of bill paying.

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Filling Out Tax Form

Sales Tax Filing or Management

If your business has sales tax then let us file it for you. If you sell nationwide and need to file in many states, then we can work with you on the most cost-efficient way to do so and manage the filings for you.

Strategy Sessions

We offer 60-minute strategy sessions so that you can meet on zoom and get expert advice on your business. You can use this time to ask any questions you'd like, go over your financials in-depth, ask for advice on increasing your profit margin...etc. You can add this on as a monthly service or use it one-off.

Online Meeting

Business Budgeting

If you have trouble budgeting on your own or do not understand business budgeting, then let us help you! You're not alone and you don't have to figure everything out yourself. You're too busy and your time is too valuable. We'll have monthly budgeting meetings with you and create/update a business budget based on your specific situation and your personal goals.

In addition to the services we provide, we have a back pocket full of financial experts at our fingertips. We partner with only the best! If you need help with any additional accounting services, we can always be of help.


We use Lighthouse Bookkeeping for our small business. I appreciate how timely and very organized they are. They are always so kind and helpful. They have made the process really smooth.

Guiding Strength Therapy
Andrew & Lisa

As a solopreneur in the mental health field, I knew absolutely nothing about the accounting part of business. My bookkeeping was a disaster. From the moment that I called, I was treated with kindness, respect, and patience despite the fact that I had a fledgling business. I received a transparent plan and cost for services. Since that time, my books were put in order in a timely fashion. They have made the monthly bookkeeping something that I can understand and up to date. If I have any questions, I get a prompt response. It has been incredibly smooth and thorough. The best part is the encouragement to grow. Thanks to them, I have gone from disorganized, and frantic, to knowing where I stand financially. I sleep so much better at night!

Opus Counseling
Kathleen Villagomez

Lighthouse Bookkeeping Services is amazing! Such a resourceful, helpful, and very knowledgeable team to have looking over our bookkeeping needs.

Josey's Contracting LLC

They've done a great job turning a chaotic financial recording system into an organized well oiled machine. I own a residential construction company and their work has really allowed me to focus my efforts in better directions. A huge stress relief having Lighthouse in my corner.

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If you don't see any times that work for you, please email us at or call us at (805)-387-2489.

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