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Turn to Lighthouse Bookkeeping & Accounting for bookkeeping and accounting services in Venice, FL. We help individuals and small businesses keep their books organized and accurate using their bookkeeping software or ours. It doesn't matter what type of software you use to keep track of your business since they all basically do the same thing. However, if you don't enter data correctly, your output — financial statements, tax returns, and company reports — won't give you correct information to run your business or comply with tax requirements. We can integrate any software you use with our software.

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Our Bookkeepers Understand Accounting

Accounting and bookkeeping software companies claim you don't need to know accounting to use their software. This is true; however, if you don't understand accounting, how do you know if you're entering data correctly or whether the output is accurate? Or, if you make a mistake, do you know how to correct it?

Why not let our bookkeepers input your data correctly from the get-go and avoid the costs of having an accountant correct input errors. Or let our CPA train you how to put data in correctly. Using bookkeeping or accounting software is complicated, and it takes a significant amount of time to learn how to do it correctly. Our bookkeepers understand accounting and the internal workings of bookkeeping and accounting software. 

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At Lighthouse Bookkeeping, our bookkeepers are trained by a CPA who has more than 30 years of teaching and CPA firm experience. They have also passed the Quickbooks exams to become Quickbooks Online Pro Advisors.  They understand accounting and how to use bookkeeping software to keep your books organized and accurate. Trust them to manage your finances effectively and efficiently with the range of services they offer.

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